MicroGreens: Macro Taste, Macro Experience

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Chefs and gourmands the world over had already fallen in love with the notion of baby vegetablesâ??so tender, so sweetâ??when a few inventive souls decided to look a little more closely at the root of the matter (literally) and discovered seedlings. They were younger, teenier and even tendererâ?¦Â  They discovered: microgreens!

P1040210-001Lauded for their vibrant colors and über-fresh taste, micro greens are also veritable powerhouses when it comes to nutrients. In fact, they boast four to six times more nutrients than their more ma

ture counterparts!

At Parador, Chef Alejandro has introduced microgreens into his menus and theyâ??re the perfect complement to the eco-healthy lifestyle embraced by the resort. But microgreens do not grow on trees: the Chef and his team of agricultural experts built and designed a unique greenhouseâ??hermetically sealed against pests and predatorsâ??where they planted organic seeds into large trays of specially prepared soil.


These mighty micros are watered once in the morning, then carefully treated with 100% organic pesticides and fertilizers, many of which are produced right on the premises. The tiny treasures are ready to be picked some 8 to 10 days later. Among Chefâ??s babies: arugula, radish, basil, a mix of spicy mustards, edible flowers, grape tomato, amaranth, Mild Mix, carrot, broccoli, Salanova lettuce and more.

Youâ??ll find Paradorâ??s vibrant mix of micro greens at the salad bar and accompanying a tasty variety of dishes. Are you ready to go microgreen?

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Introducing our Executive Chef Alejandro Torres

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With a résumé that includes stints as a Private Chef at the Hotel Four Seasons on the Papagayo Peninsula and the prestigious Chateau Restaurant in San José, our Executive Chef Alejandro Torres

Chef high res

 Chacón brings with him a portfolio of gourmet experience as well as a youthful daring to his creations. In his kitchen, the freshest ingredientsâ??farm to table or sea to tableâ??are transformed into flavorful dishes that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

Chef Alejandroâ??s innovation extends to projects such as the on-site micro greens greenhouse, where he cultivates the tiny plants under strict organic conditions then showcases them on a variety of menu items. â??I love new trends and applying them to our local gastronomy,â?? says Chef Alejandro.

We invite you to taste Chef Alejandroâ??s exquisite new recipes and combinations at any of Paradorâ??s restaurants. ¡Buen provecho!     [gallery ids="986,981,980,977,979"]    

Experience Humpback Whales Up Close and Personal

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Did you know that Costa Rica has the longest Humpback Whale Watching season in the world? And thereâ??s a reason why. Twice a year, the warm protected waters of Costa Ricaâ??s Pacific coastline welcome humpback whales who travel between 3,000 and 5,000 miles each way from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Humpbacks from the Northern Hemisphere travel for the months of December to March while those from the Southern Hemisphere travel for the months of June to November.

Humpback Whale - Ballena jorobadaNow, hereâ??s a fun trivia: Humpback Whales are considered the most acrobatic of all the great whales! Imagine watching a 100,000-pound whale pirouette in the air like a giant ballerina?

Yes, and thereâ??s moreâ?¦ these mammoth sea creatures, renowned for the phenomenal dexterity in acrobatics, also perform a wide range of amazing behaviors in play and singing. Ready for some whale watching lingo? Here are some of their most famous moves:

  • Breaching â?? Jumping high out of the water and slapping as they come back down. Sometimes they twirl around while      breaching. Breaching may be purely for fun or to loosen parasites.
  • Fluking â??Lifting the tail fluke up out of the water in preparation for diving down.
  • Tail Slap â??Slapping just the tail fluke down onto the surface.
  • Peduncle Slap â??Lifting the whole back region of the body out of the water and then slapping it down onto the surface.
  • Spy Hoppingâ??Rising up from the water head first, as if to look around.
  • Spouting â?? Sending up sprays of mist (from the blowholes) while breathing at the waterâ??s surface.

And then, thereâ??s Singing. Humpback whales are also famous for their repertoire of complex and beautiful songs characterized by actual rhythm, acoustic displays and clear sequences of squeaks, roars and ratchets. While these phenomenal sea creatures do not have vocal cords, they generate their song by forcing air through their massive nasal cavities. Even more fascinating is the fact that humpbacks may sing continuously for more than 24 hours!

Humpback whales are generally easily approachable and curious about objects in their environment. Referred to as "friendlies", some humpback whales approach the whale-watching boat closely and often stay under or near the boat for many minutes.

Ready to get up close and personal with these gentle giants? To learn more about our whale watching tour, click here >>

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Parador Wins Prestigious 5 Leaf Award

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For the fourth consecutive year, Parador Resort & Spa passed the Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program offered by the Costa Rican Tourism Board with flying colors, receiving five leaves out of five.

premioThis program was designed by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) to differentiate companies within the tourism sector based on the degree to which they comply with a sustainable model of natural, cultural and social resource management.

Photo Gallery >>             [gallery ids="1026,1021,1020"] Thanks to all our staff for helping us achieve this prestigious certification!

Environment Day: Liberating Lora Turtles and Planting Trees

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Every day is â??Environment Dayâ?? at Parador, but yesterday a group of leaders from the Parador Volunteer Program

tortustogether with the Titi Conservation Alliance, the regional office of the ICT and the kids from the Portalón, Manuel Antonio, El Estadio and Los Delfines schools came together to celebrate a very special event:

They met at the Barú National Wildlife Refuge and liberated hundreds of lora turtles and planted about 150 trees representing the different species of the area. This event was part of the Resortâ??s efforts to promote sustainability and mitigate Climate Change.

It was a wonderful experience both for the children and the teamâ??our heartfelt thanks to all who participated!

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