Body Treatment Collection

Rehydrate and rejuvenate tired and dry skin with one of our luxuriant natural body wraps.

Pacifica Seaweed Body Mask

A body mask formulated with a special blend of marine and botanical ingredients, rich in seaweed and phyto-extracts, that activates the skin, stimulates the circulation, detoxifies and re-mineralizes the skin leaving it silky smooth and moisturized. It aids in the reduction of cellulite and water retention.

50 minutes

Après Soleil Aloe Soothing Wrap

A must for sensitive or sun burned skin. A healing and cooling gel, rich in Aloe Vera and soothing botanical ingredients, is gently applied to nourish, soothe, decrease redness and calm the skin. Recommended for everyone, but especially for those with dehydrated, fragile and damaged skin.

50 minutes

Ginger & Orange Wrap

A hydrating treatment with restoring properties especially designed for dry and rough skin. The combination of ginger, orange and aromatic essential oils will refresh the senses and leave your skin feeling clean and revitalized.

50 minutes

Cacao Fantasy Wrap

Indulge in a truly relaxing emollient chocolate wrap. The cacao, rich in natural antioxidants, (vitamin A & E) will restore softness and elasticity to your skin.

Pacifica Detox Marine Polish

A top of the line European refining scrub for sensitive skin containing sea extracts, salts, vitamins and minerals. Detoxifies and re-mineralizes skin and promotes optimal luminosity and smoothness. Recommended with the Pacífica Seaweed Body Mask.

Costa Rica’s Volcanic Mud Wrap

A natural therapeutic healing treatment for sensitive and problematic skin. After your skin has been exfoliated, an application of organic volcanic mud—rich in minerals and vitamins to purify and nourish—is applied all over your body.

50 minutes

Cappuccino Scrub

A nourishing and exfoliating treatment utilizing Costa Rica’s coffee which is rich in powerful antioxidants. Skin is left glowing, soft and smooth.

Honey Almond Exfoliation

Following ancient beauty rituals, this rich honey almond skin treatment removes impurities and dryness while restoring skin’s vitality, elasticity, and suppleness.Recommended with the Ginger & Orange Wrap.

Body Exfoliation Collection

We believe that exfoliation is the first step in an effective bodycare regiment. By removing all skin impurities and dead cells, a scrubleaves the skin smooth and refined and better prepared to absorb thetherapeutic ingredients contained in our body wraps.

We offer three distinctive exfoliating scrubs as a precursor to the body wrap of your choice.

50 minutes