Facial Care Collection

Pacifica Facial

Effective for all skin types, this deep cleansing treatment employs gentle exfoliation, detoxifying steam and light extraction followed by the application of a reparative ampoule to smooth fine lines, hydrate, and firm the skin. Finish with an anti-stress facial massage and nourishing mask for a healthy and rejuvenated glow.

Purifying Facial

Detoxify and purify the skin with this deep cleansing/paraffin mask facial. Richly formulated with extracts of honey and propolis to lift impurities and restore skin’s natural balance, the warm and soothing paraffin mask leaves the face smooth and radiant.

55 minutes

Gentleman’s Facial

Specifically designed for a man’s complexion, this deep cleansing and detoxifying facial helps combat skin imbalances and impurities. Includes a relaxing facial massage and a beneficial carbon mask and is perfect for the adventurous gentleman whose skin has been exposed to the sun, sea and wind.

55 minutes

Pacifica Basic Cleansing

Short on time? Try this abbreviated version of our Pacífica Facial.This 30-minute deep cleansing treatment includes light extraction and anatural mask to hydrate and soften the face and neck.

30 minutes